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my singing showreel : 


With opera singers as parents, singing came naturally to me at a very early age. 

I am a Musical Theatre performer first, but also have extensive experience in Pop, Gospel, and Opera.

I'm used to sing on stage, for private gigs, and on Live Television. 

I also perform in Italian and French, as I am fluent in both languages. 


my dance showreel  : 

I trained semi professionally until the age of 16, focusing in ballet, jazz and contemporary.


Since then, I've kept my dance training to a very high standard, allowing me to incorporate years of technique into my Musical Theatre performance skills. 


my TV and film showreel:


I trained at Mountview Academy of theatre Arts and have done plays as well as film/TV acting.


This is an area of my craft I wish to develop more in the future so don't hesitate to reach out for collaborations ! 

Filmed at the University of Goldsmiths, London

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